Meet Our Associates

Meet Our Associates:

Andrew Thompson

Dan McLean

David Lawrence

David Tirado

Duane Lehner

Gordon McCurrach

Glenn Gruenwald

Greg “Chip” Norris

Kevin Taphorn

Nancy Salek

Nate Petrey

Tom Groeschen

William Gaub


One response to “Meet Our Associates

  1. Steve Olszewski

    This is very impressive. I was encouraged by my wife, who’s brother has been employed at InReturn to look at the site and to learn a little bit more about the company. My brother-in-law, Scott Fewless has worked there for at least 18 months, probably closer to two years as time seems to slip by so quickly. Over that period of time, Scott has talked sparingly about himself and his employment. By visiting the site today and spending just a brief amount of time, I am now able to better understand what he is doing and how fortunate we, as a family are to benefit from Scott’s gainful employment with InReturn. I hope his work relationship proves to be mutually beneficial with him being able to contribute as well as to be satisfied in his contributions. Thank you.

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