Greeting Cards

Interested in our unique greeting card program?

InRETURN greeting cards

Our greeting cards are handmade with pride by special needs individuals.  Purchasing an InRETURN greeting card provides InRETURN with the ability to hire and train additional employees to support production.  By sending an InRETURN greeting card you show others that you are supporting brain injury survivors.  Greeting cards include: All Occassion, Holiday, Note Cards and Custom Creations with your company’s logo, personal photographs, and with your selected color theme.

Check out a general selection of our cards.

You can call us today with your design or complete the Order Form.

If you are interested in a custom card, complete the Personalized Order Form.

All forms can be sent to InRETURN for processing by either Email (; fax (513-247-0176
) or U.S. Mail (6043 Interstate Circle, Cincinnati, OH 45242)

Or visit the InRETURN Online Greeting Cards Store today!



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