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Things seen at InRETURN this week

Here are some of the great things that the InRETURN Production Associates noticed about InRETURN and their fellow workers this week. 

Things seen at InRETURN this week:

Gordon was working hard.

Glenn worked hard.

Kevin is really helpful with stuff around here.

Duane is funny.

Nate was happy this week.

Brent worked hard.

Dave Ellis is a good friend.

Andrew works his butt off. He is an excellent worker.

David Tirado is always nice to me.

Brent, Richard and Kevin all work well together.

Andrew worked hard at the socks and at DAP.

Gordon was a good guy this week.

Dave Ellis is a good worker.

Brent works hard at the 10 x 10s. He helped me out.

Nate was in a good mood this week, especially in the mornings.

Chip always makes me laugh.

Everyone enjoyed the baseball game.

Gordon is always a good worker.

Nancy keeps going and working.

Mike helps me go fast at DAP.

Andrew is always there when you need him.

Tom is committed to the shocks and doing a good job.

Nate is always anxious to get to work.

Dave Ellis is consistent at the shredding.

Gordon did a really good job this week.

Everybody is nice to me.

Kevin was happy and on time.

Tom is a good worker.

Mike works super hard.

Nate was working his butt off and he always does a good job.

Glenn worked hard this week.

Chip did an excellent job packing the crates.

Everyone was getting along on the DAP line this week.

Nate was happy this week.

Mike always gives me compliments.

Glenn was nice and a funny guy this week.

Dave Ellis is a hard worker.

Gordon is always a good worker.

Everybody here works hard.

Everyone had fun on the bus and was nice.

Everyone was happy this week.


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On the Job

Here are some recent photos of our great Production Associates


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Curry Lentils

Today’s group of Ben, Richard and Nate made yummy Curry Lentils for the group.

Nate works on cutting the carrots











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A Visit From a Friend

Yesterday was a very special day at InRETURN, Kevin and his family visited us – and brought lunch!

It was great to see Kevin again, especially so healthy. We all miss him a lot and keep thinking about him. We can’t wait until he is able to return to work.

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The End of the 30th Year

Gordon has a lot to look forward to this week.

Next Saturday he is going to the Cincinnati Opera House for dinner with his TALL group.

He found this great picture of the Opera House. He picked it because it is so pretty.

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Get Well Kevin

One of our Associates, Kevin, had surgery today to get a tumor biopsied. We heard the surgery went great and wanted him to know that we wish him well and hope he gets better soon.

So we created this to let him know we are thinking about him.

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InRETURN updates


What a year it was! 2011 brought many great things to InRETURN.

Thanks to our partnership with GroupOn, the Associates are now reading a book about Rwanda and as Glenn recently said it is great to get that perspective on what’s going out in the world.

We also have started an art class. I am going to post some scanned copies of the work our Associate’s have been doing. They’re amazing.

We have also welcomed two new people to the InRETURN family. We recently hired Glenn and a former employee, David Lawrence, has returned to the InRETURN staff. We hope to keep the InRETURN Associates staff growing this year.

We are also looking forward to some great things in 2012. Planning has already begun for the next golf outing. The 7th Annual InRETURN Spring Scramble will be held on Friday, May 12, 2012 at the Wetherington Golf and Country Club.

Starting this week Friday, keep an eye out for more posts directly from the Associates themselves with updates on InRETURN, their lives and stories and interesting things going on in the world.

Thanks everyone for all their continued support, now lets enjoy some art!   — Jayme

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