Andrew’s Music

Music is becoming a bigger part of Andrew’s life.

Since he last worked in the computer lab, he has continued his time with Garage Band – a project with the TALL Institute – and is now working on singing.

One of his favorite songs is Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. He feels that it broadens his horizons and helps him to see a better day. He found this picture and video of the song

Andrew shared a great Neil Young fact. When Neil Young was first starting out he owned an old hearse and that is how him and his band traveled to shows.

Andrew is also interested in Broadway. Some of his favorite shows include: Les Miserables, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Another one of Andrew’s favorite songs is “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”. He likes the song because it talks about friends and how it feels when they leave. Andrew says, “It’s like having empty spots in your life.”

He found this video of Nick Jonas singing the song.


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