Weekly Travels

Andrew is a very busy guy. Last Monday he went to Melodic Connections with his Garage Band group and he worked on playing the guitar. He said that they’ve helped him with the snare drum, the keyboard and the guitar, but the guitar is his favorite. After searching through pictures of guitars, he said that this one was his favorite.

On Tuesday, Andrew went to his improv class where they are working with Playhouse in the Park to put on a production of a children’s play, called The River Rat and Cat, in April. On Wednesday he went to a coffee shop in Kentucky to listen to some poetry. Four different people preformed that night and a guy that had poems about a trip to England and a rave was Andrew’s favorite. It was his first time at the coffee shop, but Andrew really enjoyed it and expects to go back. On Thursday night he hung out with the staff of LADD.

When asked if he could take a break from his busy week and take a trip anywhere, Andrew responded with Scotland.

Andrew is a big fan of the show Ghost Hunters International and although he’s never been there, his favorite thing about Scotland would be the buildings. He loves the haunted history. His dream would be to take the same tours that the people on Ghost Hunters International took and possibly stay in the same locations. He would also like to talk to the guy who is on Ghost Hunters International.

While searching through pictures of Scotland, Andrew found this picture of a castle that looks like it would be a cool place to stay.


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