InRETURN updates


What a year it was! 2011 brought many great things to InRETURN.

Thanks to our partnership with GroupOn, the Associates are now reading a book about Rwanda and as Glenn recently said it is great to get that perspective on what’s going out in the world.

We also have started an art class. I am going to post some scanned copies of the work our Associate’s have been doing. They’re amazing.

We have also welcomed two new people to the InRETURN family. We recently hired Glenn and a former employee, David Lawrence, has returned to the InRETURN staff. We hope to keep the InRETURN Associates staff growing this year.

We are also looking forward to some great things in 2012. Planning has already begun for the next golf outing. The 7th Annual InRETURN Spring Scramble will be held on Friday, May 12, 2012 at the Wetherington Golf and Country Club.

Starting this week Friday, keep an eye out for more posts directly from the Associates themselves with updates on InRETURN, their lives and stories and interesting things going on in the world.

Thanks everyone for all their continued support, now lets enjoy some art!   — Jayme




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