Meet Nate


I live in Mason, Ohio with my family. My most enjoyable hobby is playing sports. I started playing football in seventh and eighth grade and have continued participating in football by being an assistant coach with the Mason High School varsity football team. I also enjoy going to the local pool in Mason to swim. My favorite part is the diving board. I enjoy playing basketball and have participated in the track and field Mason Special Olympics. I also enjoy playing soccer with my brothers. Apart from sports I enjoy hanging out with my friends. We go to the movies, out to eat, to each other’s houses, and watch television together.

I also enjoy spending time with my family. I have two brothers, Seth and Jacob, who are very nice brothers. We have our brotherly fights. They keep me in trouble and I keep them out of trouble. My brothers do their homework and play soccer all the time. Our past two family vacations have been to Cocco Beach, Florida and Washington D.C. At Cocco Beach my family had a lot of fun reading and enjoying each other’s company. At Washington D. C. we enjoyed seeing all of the national buildings such as the Memorial building and the Capital building.

I have Down syndrome and my life has been good and a lot of fun. I found out about InRETURN from someone and have been working here for over a year now.

I love everything about InRETURN. My favorite job at InRETURN is to cut books for recycling. I also enjoy working for my bosses Charlie and Al. I like to work because I love making money. I believe that I have a lot of skills that help InRETURN continue as a business.


I am a flexible employee that is able to work in many of the areas doing tasks such as filling socks, cutting books, and working in the Dap, Krogers, and greeting card areas. I also enjoy helping my other coworkers. I plan on working for InRETURN for another five to six years. After those years are over, I want to go out and have fun and enjoy life.



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