Meet Kevin

I live in Milford, Ohio with my family. When I started high school in 2000, I initially attended St. Xavier high school. I worked for the city of Loveland public works department helping the full time employees cut grass in the city parks and clean public restrooms and other general city maintenance. On August 1, 2001 I had a bad headache at work, and my dad came to pick me up at work. While at home, I collapsed and was taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. They discovered that I had a brain aneurysm and later contracted spinal meningitis along with other complications while in the hospital. I was discharged from the hospital in January 2002 and started therapy at the Drake center. I went to therapy for five years consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. During those years I attended school at Milford high school. For my senior year I went to Live Oaks Vocational School and graduated in 2007, and I studied at Raymond Walters College for one year.

On my time off I enjoy spending time with my niece and nephew and swimming at my aunt and uncle’s pool. I also enjoy playing my Wii games and am a big NASCAR fan. I go on walks with my golden retriever Tank who has been my walking partner since I started rehabilitation. I also have another dog named Sasha who is a greater Swiss mountain dog. She is the ornery one of the house. Once she ate two pies that were set aside to cool that my mother had made for Christmas. However, no matter what mischief my dogs get into they are still my little buddies.

Before I was employed at InRETURN, I worked for a kennel and a company called Blue Loop, but I was unable to keep my employment because I was unable to keep up with the tasks that were demanded on me. I went to interviews for other employment opportunities, but when I told them I had a traumatic brain injury they would not hire me. I started to search the Internet for companies that supported the employment of those who had a traumatic brain injury. This is when I found InRETURN.

My favorite thing about InRETURN is the atmosphere. The people that I work with are friendly and welcoming. My favorite station is cutting the books because it is just fun. I believe that I help InRETURNsucceed as a business because I am friendly, outgoing, hard working, and have professional behavior. InRETURN has given me a means of supporting myself with a paycheck. I have a place to go everyday and something to do instead of just sitting around my home all day. I have also made many friends with my coworkers.


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