InRETURN Associates: Meet Bill


I live in the Bridgetown area of Cincinnati, Ohio.  I enjoy watching the TV show “Two and a Half Men” and good westerns movies.  I also enjoy dancing with my wife at dance clubs such as Jim and Jack and Guys and Dolls.  I used to work as a computer programmer and operator and graduated from Cincinnati Technology Institute with a degree in data processing.  After graduation, my first job was at Welfare Finance for two years.  I started off as a bill collector for six months, and when the company started a computer department I became a computer operator.  I also worked for Bethesda Hospital as the night shift computer operator and later worked in Kentucky with car inventories for two years as a computer operator.  I then went to work at Elmex as the second shift operator.  I performed the job as a computer operator well, but was not satisfied and wanted to do computer programming.  That is what I went to school for, there is more to do, and it is more challenging.

I then went to work for Porter Precision as the operations manager.  During this time I went back to school for RPG programming because that is the program that was used at Porter Precision.  I wrote four or five programs for the company.  Then I went to work for Untied Way for four years doing programming and operating and then took a job in Kendal Futuro for four years designing systems and programming.  I later started working for Williamson Heating as a programmer.  The manager quit and I became the director of IT.  This was a challenging job because everyone who was working for the company were new employees and did not know how the company had been run in the past.  So I stayed for another year and then started to work for Libel Flairsheim as a computer programmer.  I worked for the company for eight years and a half until the company was having trouble.  My last IT job was for Hillshire Farming and Kahn’s for nine and a half years as the senior programmer.  I was unemployed for a year and during that time I worked for three months as a self-employed consultant for KAO.  I then started to work in a warehouse for Dell.  I enjoyed my employment experiences because I was always under good management.

I had a heart attack when I was working for the company that was shipping products for Dell.  I acquired a brain injury due to a lack of oxygen reaching my brain from the heart attack and did not work for six months.  I did not like this because I had nothing to do all day when everyone else was at work.  I had difficulty with my memory and had difficulty remembering the tasks of a computer programmer.  My doctor told me that I would not be able to go into programming again because a programmer needs to be constantly creating new things.  My doctor said that I needed a job where I am doing repetitive tasks.

I went through the Bureau Vocation Rehab (BVR) and found a job at Kroger.  I was employed for three years, but did not have a good experience due to the poor management in the store.  After a dispute, I no longer worked for Kroger.  I went back to BVR, but was not set up for an interview for a year.  I told them that I was going to send a complaint to Social Security, but the next day BVR had set me up with an interview with InRETURN.

I like InRETURN because it is easy going.  The tasks are not complex and my favorite job is working in the Dap area.  I also like the management of InRETURN.   I believe that I help InRETURN succeed as a business because I am a reliable employee.  I always go to work and do what I’m told.  I am able to perform the jobs that are assigned to me.  I believe that InRETURN has given me something to do during the day.


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  1. This hits home because right after my brain injury, I was sent to an assisted living facility to recover. I went to Albertsons in Clearwater, Florida and did the computer application. Weeks went by and I could not for the life of me understand why I had not heard back from them, I mean going from a manager at Radisson, to bagging groceries and they don’t want me? Why?

    I stopped down there and they told me that I was a customer service “risk” because my testing, or answering of customer service questions proved that I was an “irritable” person. I was back then, but wow, can’t even get a job bagging groceries? I brought this information back to the brain injury rehab, whom basically ignored it. I love reading these stories, keep up the great work you are doing.

    DJ Asselin

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