Our Stories, Part 4

As we begin to assemble hard copies of all the stories that the Associates created over the last year, we wanted to share with you some quotes from their very honest and inspirational stories

From Kevin:

My favorite thing about InRETURN is the atmosphere.  The people that I work with are friendly and welcoming.  My favorite station is cutting the books because it is just fun.  I believe that I help InRETURN succeed as a business because I am friendly, outgoing, hard working, and have professional behavior.  InRETURN has given me a means of supporting myself with a paycheck.  I have a place to go everyday and something to do instead of just sitting around my home all day.  I have also made many friends with my coworkers.

From Tom:

I help InRETURN by the work that I do with the shocks.  Working the shocks is my specialty.  InRETURN has brought me out of the gutter.  Before working for InRETURN I had nothing to do, no money, and experienced boredom.  Now I have money to pay my rent and I always look forward to work.  InRETURN is awesome!

From Andrew:

I enjoyed my job at Goodwill, but knew there was something better out there for me than working at Goodwill and sitting at home.  After searching for work for two years, a long time friend Dave Tirado introduced me to InRETURN.  I feel that the people at InReturn are friendly and treat me with respect.  I feel I am genuinely good employee and a hard worker.  I feel that InReturn has provided me a sense of being and accomplishment.  I plan on staying at InRETURN until I decide to retire at which point I will focus my attention on my artwork and plan on staying near my family.

We’re so proud of all our Associates and the hard work that they do and can’t wait to share their stories in their entirety.  We’re also looking forward to our Christmas party tomorrow!

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Chip Norris

    I’m Chip Norris, I’ve been working at InReturn for five years. It’s my longest job ever, since I started working at In Return my mode has change. I like working for Charlie Parris, he puts up with me and helps me when ever I have a siezure. Last month. had a VNS (Vegus Nerve Stimulator) he knows how to use it and it works!

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