Tuesday Update

Hey all,

I’ve been doing some updating to the InRETURN website and blog page and have added some of our great Greeting Cards to the online store.  I love the cards!  Nancy does such a great job at creating, designing and making them.  This year all of my Christmas cards are from InRETURN.  The cards are a great way to help support InRETURN.  They not only help Nancy and InRETURN, but they also help you spread the word about the work the InRETURN is doing.  Please check out our greeting cards by either clicking on the Greeting Card link at the top of the screen or visiting the Greeting Card section of our website.

Also, we’re gearing up for the Holidays here at InRETURN.  Our Christmas tree is up and on Friday, Global Environmental Products will be helping us organize a Christmas Party.  Saturday is Chip’s birthday.  We are looking forward to celebrating both the Holidays and Chip’s birthday at our party on Friday.

Production at InRETURN will shut down December 20-January 3; as we give our associates time to spend and celebrate with their families.

We hope that everyone has a great Holiday Season and stays warm in this cold weather.  Be on the look out for pictures of our party.




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