Our Stories, Part 2

Here are some more pictures from the Xavier/InRETURN event from last Thursday.

Catching up before the event

The event began around 7 and people began to fill the InRETURN break room.  Everyone brought food and drinks to share.  With so many families in attendance, there was a lot to talk and laugh about.







Time to eat!

It was great to see all the Xavier students and our Associates and their families socializing and eating together.  The room was filled with warmth.








Nate starts the evening off

After everyone’s had a chance to get some food, Nate begins the event by reading his story.  He talked of his family, his hobbies, how he loves work and his future plans.  He also cracked a lot of jokes and really got the evening off to a great start!










Nancy and her lovely children

Nancy was joined by her two children and they helped read the story that Nancy wrote.  It was very wonderful and touching to see such a loving family.







Gordon and Scott


Showing true friendship, Scott stood next to Gordon as Gordon read his story and talked to the crowd.










Joe and Rachael

One of the Xavier students, Rachael helps Joe with his story.  The room fills with applause as they finish.









Tom finishes up his story.  We are all so proud of how far Tom and the rest of our Associates have come.  They have grown so much and it was great to see them all tell their stories and share in this event.









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