Things seen at InRETURN this week

Here are some of the great things that the InRETURN Production Associates noticed about InRETURN and their fellow workers this week. 

Things seen at InRETURN this week:

Gordon was working hard.

Glenn worked hard.

Kevin is really helpful with stuff around here.

Duane is funny.

Nate was happy this week.

Brent worked hard.

Dave Ellis is a good friend.

Andrew works his butt off. He is an excellent worker.

David Tirado is always nice to me.

Brent, Richard and Kevin all work well together.

Andrew worked hard at the socks and at DAP.

Gordon was a good guy this week.

Dave Ellis is a good worker.

Brent works hard at the 10 x 10s. He helped me out.

Nate was in a good mood this week, especially in the mornings.

Chip always makes me laugh.

Everyone enjoyed the baseball game.

Gordon is always a good worker.

Nancy keeps going and working.

Mike helps me go fast at DAP.

Andrew is always there when you need him.

Tom is committed to the shocks and doing a good job.

Nate is always anxious to get to work.

Dave Ellis is consistent at the shredding.

Gordon did a really good job this week.

Everybody is nice to me.

Kevin was happy and on time.

Tom is a good worker.

Mike works super hard.

Nate was working his butt off and he always does a good job.

Glenn worked hard this week.

Chip did an excellent job packing the crates.

Everyone was getting along on the DAP line this week.

Nate was happy this week.

Mike always gives me compliments.

Glenn was nice and a funny guy this week.

Dave Ellis is a hard worker.

Gordon is always a good worker.

Everybody here works hard.

Everyone had fun on the bus and was nice.

Everyone was happy this week.


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On the Job

Here are some recent photos of our great Production Associates


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Curry Lentils

Today’s group of Ben, Richard and Nate made yummy Curry Lentils for the group.

Nate works on cutting the carrots











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Not only did our Associates learn a new word today, Quinoa, but they also learned how to make a new great, healthy and filling meal thanks to our great cooking volunteer Caitlin!

Tom works on cutting the eggplant.  (yes, they ate eggplant!!!) 🙂

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Thank You!

InRETURN would like to say a BIG Thank You to a valuable supporter, Charlie Hatton. Charlie used to work as a tool maker for GM and is now using his skills to help make tables and tools for InRETURN’s new assembly line!

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A Visit From a Friend

Yesterday was a very special day at InRETURN, Kevin and his family visited us – and brought lunch!

It was great to see Kevin again, especially so healthy. We all miss him a lot and keep thinking about him. We can’t wait until he is able to return to work.

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Andrew’s Music

Music is becoming a bigger part of Andrew’s life.

Since he last worked in the computer lab, he has continued his time with Garage Band – a project with the TALL Institute – and is now working on singing.

One of his favorite songs is Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. He feels that it broadens his horizons and helps him to see a better day. He found this picture and video of the song

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